„Call to action“ feministischer Theologinnen

Es gibt, wie ich selbst erst seit einer Woche weiß, eine „Britain and Ireland School of Feminist Theology“, an deren diesjähriger Summerschool zum Thema „Women: Alternate Economic and Political Visions“ Ina Praetorius teilgenommen hat, was ich mitbekam, weil sie darüber twitterte.

Zum Abschluss des Kongresses wurde ein „Call to action“ veröffentlicht, der auf der offenbar eben erst eingerichteten Facebook-Seite der Organisation gepostet ist, aber von dort nicht gut verlinkt werden kann. Deshalb kopiere ich ihn hier in den Blog hinein.

Mir gefällt der Aufruf nämlich sehr gut, nicht nur inhaltlich, sondern vor allem auch vom Stil her. Ich mag politische Aufrufe, die in einer einfachen, direkten Sprache gehalten sind und ohne Jargonfloskelei auskommen. Es sind sehr viele schöne einfache Sätze drin, mein Liebling ist momentan „We conclude that democracy has been destroyed by capitalism.“

Lest und verteilt!


A call to action.

We the women of BISFT 2014 recognize a truth; that our world belongs to all. It is a space that can be habitable, sustainable and kind. Aware of the connected nature of all peoples and the right of all to basic decency, we want to nurture the hope for a world where all can flourish. We therefore call on all women to step up and proclaim their ways of successfully living together. Whilst giving comfort to the disturbed, we can also disturb the comfortable, and we express our solidarity to all those who work to promote and defend fullness and abundance in life!

No co-existence would be possible without the daily sense-giving and life encouraging activities of women. We acknowledge our interdependency, natality and freedom-in-relatedness for all and we realize that the dynamics of vengeance and revenge are a violation of every value that we hold as sacred. We deplore the exploitation of and the violence directed towards to women children as the most vulnerable in our communities. We mourn the death of every child needlessly lost due to the depletion of resources as a result of the greed of a few.

We conclude that democracy has been destroyed by capitalism. The internationally acknowledged human right to seek asylum from oppression has been abandoned so we have bordered countries and a borderless economy, capital can go everywhere but people cannot.

We utterly oppose the international arms trade that is feeding conflict everywhere and especially now in in Israel/Palestine and Ukraine- Acceptance of violence as way to resolve conflict is a crime against humanity, unless we actively work for peace there will be violence.

We contend that human persons have the right to have their own story told, in their own voice, and we stand in solidarity for all those whose place in the world has been taken, most specifically the indigenous peoples around the world whose ancestral lands and resources are continuously being taken.

We demand that the GDP is replaced as the index for sustainable human flourishing by the HDI (UN).

Access to medical care should be our primary concern and we should not let the profits of private industry compromise the health and welfare of the people.

We must all come together, both rich and poor to call for proportionate taxes for higher earners and that financial services must be subject to tax.

We must break down and dismantle female stereotypes, which promote vulnerability, and emaciation, which distracts women from engaging in political action.

We have confidence that all people wish to live in peace, for their environment to flourish and for a future that is secure for all. So we pause in consideration of all who are living in fear and we take up our authority as women who know that we can live in peace, with regard for the well being of all. We do so by participating in dialogue, engaging in hopeful protest and taking the risk of speaking truth to power.

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